About Plato Industries

Plato Industries primary business is the manufacturing and supply of biorational attract and control products. The products also include insect pheromones, traps and related plant protection products for the monitoring and control of insect pests in agriculture.


Our products are currently distributed in North, Central and South American countries.


Our History


Plato Management Company was founded in September 1987 by Thomas A. Plato and James C. Plato, as a 50% joint venture partner in Bactec Corporation, with Marubeni Trading Corporation of Japan, for the purpose of producing biological insecticides licensed from the USDA-ARS.  In 1993 Plato acquired Bactec Corporation from Marubeni and in November 1997 the two companies were merged together as a single entity.   The company is now privately held by Stacy E. Plato and James Scott Plato.


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